The vision


Let the fire burn on the altar !

Our vision is to see a fire, a unified passion, spread throughout our nation. Its flames are lives set ablaze in praise and worship and the altar is lives uniting as living stones to serve him (1 Peter 2:5).
The only sacrifice we offer is that of our Lord Jesus Christ. The model we adhere to and our inspiration is the eternal, heavenly celebration around the throne (Revelation 4 and 5).

The presence of God

David, in his day, responded by pitching a tent on Mount Zion for the Presence of God. He developed a new vision for the service of the House of God in the heart of his kingdom. For this purpose, he put in place prophetic singers to worship the Lord day and night for 33 years.
Today we pray for 24/7 houses of prayer and worship to spring up all over France, as is happening
the world over.

This dimension of the Kingdom of God helps bring about a change in the atmosphere because God is enthroned on the praises of his people. (Psalm 22:4)
Heaven and earth come together at this place of offering symbolised by the altar. Our very lives unite to worship his great name.
To cover the nation with this atmosphere, it seems to us that altars of worship are a necessary step and a great opportunity for perseverance and unity. This effort pushes aside our individualism and teaches us to work together and unite with each other in worship in spite of our different backgrounds.
Each altar can have a different form – that is not what is most important to us. Only a few people are needed to start with, and it can all be very simple. What counts is the sacrifice and the fire on the altar.

Houses of Prayer

While maintaining our vision for altars of worship, we also want to encourage and develop a network of houses of prayer.
It is time to raise up missionaries of a new sort, to serve in these houses. France is called to passion for the Presence of God and must reawaken this calling today.
Lastly, we also want to encourage larger, more « visible » events in the area of music and the arts – praise concerts, etc. – all serving as vehicles for this vision we carry.

Our current expressions